On the Road

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Language: English.

Duration – 2:28

Johnny, 57, and his two sons Keith, 38, and Kevin, 34, have been deer hunting for years. “This is what we really enjoy: the outdoors,” Johnny explains. The first day of hunting season, the three go to a relative’s land in Ashland, Mo. They all set up in different stands, at least a quarter of a mile apart. “We try to be safe, to not shoot each other,” Johnny says.

Keith is the only one with luck on the first day, getting a yearling after a three-hour wait. Later, at his home, they all process the deer with Keith’s special meat-cutting equipment. Johnny’s grandsons join in. Gavin, 7, the youngest, “is a character,” according to his grandpa. “He’s probably my favorite. He’s very active, like a little monkey.”

The family saves the meat and eats it over the course of the following weeks.

This is part of a series on people who ride the same bus going around the Gold Route on campus, at the University of Missouri.

Ashland, Missouri / Columbia, Missouri. 2011.

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