From Floor to Mattress

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Steve and Linda Vorce used to teach dance lessons at a bar on Thursday nights. “But dancers don’t drink,” Steve explains, “so they kept bumping us out for a band.” They found themselves looking for a new venue to teach. They had opened the Discount Mattress Outlet just five months earlier, when they decided to save up some money and set up a nice dance floor inside the same store. They only needed to invest on the floor, since Steve had been a musician for years and already owned a set of lights and a sound system which were sitting in a storage room ready to be put back to good use.

This has been their business for the past year: furniture store by day, dance floor by night. At 5 p.m. the mattresses are picked up and stored in the back, making room for dance lessons on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and a social dance on the first and third Friday of the month.

Columbia, Missouri. September, 2012.