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Roque, 82, has a wife, five kids, and eight siblings. Roque and Antonio, the youngest brother who is 67, live in the same building. Antonio is in a wheelchair after an accident he had 26 years back. After Antonio divorced his wife six months ago, and due to his delicate condition, Roque moved in to take care of him, leaving his own wife and kids on the bottom floor.

“I practically live here. My family is downstairs. I go down sometimes, every now and then. Some days I don’t even go down,” Roque explains.

Antonio has not been out on the streets in years. Before going out to El Conde, Roque makes food and carries his brother onto the bed, placing a glass of water and the phone nearby. He does this twice a day. “I’m doing it with a lot of love, a lot of love, because I can’t live without him nor him without me.”

* Antonio passed away in 2009. Roque went back to living with his wife and kids downstairs. After a fall in 2012, Roque was in a wheelchair until his death in 2014.

Santo Domingo, D.R., 2009.