Salvador and Luisa

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– “Luisaaa!” Salvador yells out from the bedroom.

– “You choose your own clothes!” Luisa responds.

“He likes it when I take his clothes and lay them out for him,” she explains. They are getting ready to go dance son in the Ruinas de San Francisco. Luisa, who knows her husband of 50 years pretty well, does not let ten minutes pass before worrying and going to him. “Let me check and see what he put on, so he doesn’t go out looking like a clown!” she says.

During the 1950s, when Luisa was a teacher in Güaley, she met Salvador, a guard who was visiting his godmother in the house across the street from the school. They say it was love at first sight. He was a “very elegant man,” Luisa says, “very attractive with those eyebrows. The women would go crazy.” Likewise, when she met Luisa, Salvador’s mother assured, “That’s going to be my son’s wife.” And so it was. Salvador, who already had a daughter, married Luisa and they had seven other children together.

Today, both retired, they live in the Colonial Zone and you can spot them every Sunday dancing affectionately in front of the Ruinas to the music of Grupo Bonyé.

Santo Domingo, D.R., 2010.

* Salvador passed away in August 2015.